Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series (2011-)

Art has several recognized mediums, as it is a continuously evolving concept. Through its evolution, however, there tends to be dispute over the ability to describe “good” art, or if such a ranking is meant to exist. The Mona Lisa is the masterpiece of painting by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, in which the center of attention calmly stares at the viewer, her beauty present amidst the almost apathetic expression she dons. This painting is a nice complement to the realism present during its period in the Italian Renaissance. While the Mona Lisa painting is beautifully done, the artistic merit of the work comes from its influence from generation to generation, not just the articulate brush strokes and understanding of color theory. In likeness, while not as culturally renowned as Leonardo da Vinci’s work, there are plentiful more “art pieces” worth recognizing for the social implications, symbolism, and motifs present; such as the short web series titled “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.”

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