Who are you? 

So cute, I know.

My name is Lauren Christine Price - you take the initials L&C, spell them out: Elsey. I'm a 21-year-old English major attending Kennesaw State University with a minor in linguistics and a concentration in professional writing. After putting my opinions no one asked for all over my Instagram stories - and finding that some people actually wanted to see what I had to say - I decided to compile all my thoughts on an accessible medium. 

If I'm not reading, writing, or watching any piece of media, I'm most likely at school, someone's server at Olive Garden, or going out with my friends. As you could guess, my pretentiousness extends to music, and I love going to concerts with my friends, as well as debating men on artists that they think I don't know about because I'm a pretty girl that enjoys variations of rock music - including most styles of metal. 

I also have been known to get bored after periods of time and pick up random hobbies or behaviors just to make life interesting. I don't like sitting idle too long. If I'm not physically busy, I'm doing something to keep my mind stimulated, even if it's something esoteric and strange - I'm kind of annoying in the sense that there's no OFF button. At the time of writing this little tidbit about myself, my newest fixation is learning Tarot, although my motives are completely justifiable: I want to seem more mysterious and cool. 

What do you do?

Well, isn't it obvious? I make some word salad & write my thoughts on things (even if no one asked).



TV Shows!

Me and my group at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference in 2021, held at George Mason University.

I'm quite the opinionated person. When I graduated high school, I was sure I was going to be a journalist, fueled by my anger at how despondent and hopeless the media has become. Ultimately, I decided that a career driven by passion for something I loathe was not what I wanted. I wanted to be driven by my passion for what I love. 

You see, my passion isn't movies. It isn't books. It isn't TV shows. My passion is language. 

Language isn't just communication. It isn't just a facet of our lives we cannot live without, although it is that, too. It's EVERYTHING. The way we talk, the way we write, the way we read, is an extension of our psyche. Our realities and experiences are all formed through the words we say and the words we see and the words we hear and the words we feel. And sure, this is evident in the media. News outlets, social media, and reporters are almost like an oligarchy in themselves. I did a project about how the entire political atmosphere in America shifted on its axis after Obama's reelection in 2008, in direct relation to the rise of social media sites, and how our acclaimed democratic system might never be the same. We've seen what happened within communities when Trump won presidency in 2016 and let his fingers fly free on Twitter. 

This blog is going to focus on most of the things I love. (Although even the things I write about hating, will be written with a smile on my face.) I hope to use my words to reach minds about influential pieces of media, to take even just a few minutes to express my feelings about different art pieces in an artful way. After all, writing might be the most necessary art form, because without it, how could any other form of art exist?